Yesterday we kicked off our 2019 season of  ‘In the Presence of Horses – Meditation Circle’.

Thirteen of us gathered in circle with RAYNE as our horse guide.  

Rayne is our beautiful elder with 22 years of life experience to share.  Her teachings are often centered around ‘honouring the space in between’.

The space in between thoughts.

The space in between words.

The space in between actions.

The space in between life chapters.


Just.   The.   Space.   In.   Between.


For many of us that ‘space in between’ can feel deeply uncomfortable.  It can even be anxiety inducing.  Like a sailboat out at sea on a windless day.  It can feel as though nothing is happening.  It’s wasted space.  And we seek to fill that space, if not with actions, then with words, if not with words then with thoughts.  Our minds race with thoughts of “this shouldn’t be happening”“I don’t want to be here”“What can I do to fill this void”.

Rayne masterfully guided us into ‘the space in between’ yesterday as she attentively held a grounding presence for the group at a distance.  Knowing that many came to join us yesterday in the hopes of experiencing an up-close-and-personal connection with a horse, I became aware of my own uncomfortable thoughts.  But this is nature.  I can no more control Rayne than I can the wind or the sun or the moon.  So I was left to breathe the discomfort out and down through my legs into the earth.  “Let it go” I reminded myself and I would re-focus my awareness on feeling the warmth of the sun hitting my face, the sound of the birds in the trees, the distant sound of a passing train, and the incredible energy that was already present within our circle.

Moments before (and I do mean moments, if not a mere 90 seconds) before Linda would drum us back from our meditative state into present time awareness, Rayne left her resting spot in the sun to join the circle.  One by one connecting with several of the participants.  As one astute participant observed, Rayne would softly nuzzle their hair and breathe into their ear and then bow her head ceremoniously to the ground before moving on to the next person.  She repeated this process for half the circle.

She remained with us as we shared our experiences, and at times, would rest with one particular individual holding her in this suspended ‘space’.  Many reported feeling incredibly grounded and relaxed.  Another felt protected.  Another, expansive.  Some were reminded of the importance to take time out from their busy schedules to come and sit in nature.  To sit without expectation.  To notice the melody of the bird songs.  To connect to the medicine of the eagle soaring high above.  To notice the incredible presence of the surrounding old growth trees.  For it is in ‘the space in between’ where we can be fully here now.  Where we can let go of the need to control life and instead just be present to it – moment by wondrous moment.

And this is the space where we can enter into communion with our soul.  This is the space where deep insights arise.  This is the space where clarity emerges.  This is the space where our intuitive wisdom leads the way.  So although it can initially feel as though nothing is happening in this ‘space in between’ I encourage you to stay, relax into it, be fully present to it, and you shall see that it is ripe with life.

Thank you beautiful Rayne for your masterful guidance and deep wisdom.


If you would like to join our monthly meditation circles with horses, check out our EVENTS page for our next offering.