Every now and then life delivers us a seismic blow, the likes of which, rearranges the very landscape of our day to day life.  And it serves as a stark reminder to fully embrace each present moment, for that is really all we have.


On Friday, June 21st we tragically lost one of our beloved equine teachers and a member of our Wisteria family.


ROMEO was vibrant and full of life, having only reached his prime.  Never could I have imagined he would be the first to leave our herd.


Romeo was my first horse, my “heart” horse, and my greatest teacher of all things horses and of life in general. He embodied a larger-than-life spirit and was the life and soul of the barn. Renowned for his antics that kept visitors entertained and on their toes! He loved people and loved to make them laugh.


In our early days as steed and rider he taught me patience, courage, and the art of negotiating this sacred partnership with a sentient being who had a will all his own.


As an equine guide he demanded a level of presence and awareness from his clients that matched his own. Often requiring them to dig deep past their perceived fears, beyond their limiting self-doubt to tap into and embody a strength and confidence that he was able to see in them, even if they couldn’t yet.


Romeo lived life large and invited others to do so as well. He was bold and unapologetic. But underneath all of the bravado was an exquisitely sensitive soul. A masterful teacher of energy; mirroring the impact of the energies in his surroundings and brilliantly teaching us how to regulate them.


He was a social ham; the ‘Mr Ed of Wisteria Acres’ who loved to see people happy and playful. He wasn’t just my horse. Yes, I had the privilege and honour of being his guardian, his partner, and his primary student in this life, but he was a horse of the people and he leaves a hole in our hearts and in the barn the size of which is still incomprehensible.


Forever in our hearts until we meet again my handsome big guy ❤️