Yesterday, August 27th (which just so happened to be my birthday) we welcomed another beautiful soul into our family and the Wisteria herd.


Mae is a 13 year old Belgian x Appaloosa and was rescued from going to slaughter in 2018 by an amazing rescue organization – Second Chance Cheekye Ranch.   SCCR is dedicated to providing a second chance at a forever loving home to animals who have simply been discarded.


When I came across Mae’s photo online several weeks ago, she spoke to me.  There was a wisdom in her big dark soulful eyes that called to me.  So I reached out to Kris Latham at SCCR to inquire about her.  Soon after, arrangements were made to make the 2 hour trek up the coast to visit her.  I quickly fell in love as we shared time together walking around the ranch, grazing in an open field and sharing quiet space in the roundpen.  I could sense her sweet, wise and gentle soul.  And I could feel her solid, grounded presence.


The following week I arranged a second visit.  Explaining to Kris that I felt a real connection to Mae but that this wasn’t just my decision to make.  Mae needed to agree to this partnership as well.  So off I went again to spend some more time connecting with Mae and sharing my vision for our partnership.  As I did, I carefully watched her body language for answers.


As I sat in a chair in the middle of the roundpen, Mae quietly stood next to me.  I envisioned our work together – our monthly meditation circles, our workshops, and our 1-on-1 private soul journey sessions and asked her if she would like to explore this path with me.  Mae responded with several “lick-and-chews” followed by a couple of gentle nudges as we later walked around the pen together, remaining by my side the whole time.  Those were the answers I needed in order to take the next step of submitting my formal adoption application.



If there is one thing I am certain of and wish I could share with others is that animals, like us, have their own unique soul path.  As sentient beings with personal desires and aversions, strengths and fears, and their own unique gifts to share, they deserve to have a say in their chosen life.  Some horses are born for the show ring or to race, others to work the wide open range.  And some have wisdom they wish to share to support us on our journey to becoming better humans.


Sadly, not many are afforded a choice.  But horses, like humans, will naturally  flourish when given the right environment to support their unique soul path.  Where their wisdom, gifts and strengths are recognized, honoured and nurtured.




I look forward to discovering and nurturing all of Mae’s gifts and being the best partner I can be for her.



Krista Brown is a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator and Coach.

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