Over the years I have journeyed with many clients in transition.

Feeling at a crossroads, they come seeking clarity, assurance, and the courage to follow their soul’s calling.

But to spite feeling deeply unhappy and unfulfilled on their current life path; some even forced into medical leave as their physical body begins to protest.  They continue to struggle with making that leap.

Held back by fear.  Enticed to “stick it out” because the status quo offers a sense of security, if nothing else.

And as living beings we are innately wired to seek out safe, life-preserving opportunities.

The problem arises when those opportunities forsake our soul’s deep desire for learning experiences that can only come from stepping into something greater.

Our soul has come into this life seeking its own evolution.

When you feel inexplicably drawn to something, that is your soul whispering to you.

When it fills you with joy and deep meaning, that is your soul whispering to you.

When it feels exciting and scary at the same time, that is your soul whispering to you.

Your soul knows the way.

And if ever there was a time on earth that has swiftly, and without prejudice, demonstrated that our sense of security is nothing more than a fragile illusion, it is now.  As the world and its economic structures have been brought to its knees during this pandemic.

Meanwhile your soul continues to shine a light on your path.  Showing you the way forward to a life that promises deep meaning through a richness of growth opportunities and a depth of joy that can only be found through living life in alignment with your soul’s calling.

There is no going back now.  Like a betrayal, the illusion of security has been shattered.

What will you choose?

I read a wonderful line in an article yesterday that sums up the process of transition, it reads “In the end, the best response to this situation is to choose based on whether we want to discover who we’ll become.”  

Are you ready to discover who you will become?  Join us on a Soul Journey


Krista is a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator and Coach. Connect with us at 604-807-2255 or info@wisteriaacres.com