“Some things can’t be healed” was a message received in one of our recent client sessions guided by our beautiful Lady Mae, which I thought was very profound.


When we’re in pain, physically or emotionally, and in search of relief we can often look upon ‘healing’ as the removal of all symptoms; a total absence of dis-ease and discomfort.  The slate wiped clean, so to speak.

But that may not always be realistic.  Especially when we are dealing with deep seated core beliefs that were created from unfortunate and traumatic childhood experiences.

Core beliefs that label us as …





Hidden away in the basement of our consciousness, they become a part of our operating system and for the most part go unnoticed except when triggered by outside forces.

When we’re treated with a perceived lack of respect.

When we experience a perceived betrayal.

When we experience a perceived judgement.

Any of these repeated triggers, especially when experienced in various situations with various people, can often point to a core belief.


Identifying and bringing this aspect of ourselves out of the shadows and into the light of awareness can help to soothe the immediate sting of injustice and create just enough space for us to choose between reaction and response.

To ask ourselves what is being triggered in me?

What is the right action needed in this moment?

Sometimes the answer will point to a core belief.

Sometimes the answer will necessitate having a hard conversation with someone or setting a boundary.


Sometimes ‘healing’ takes the form of deepening self-awareness and consciously choosing how we respond one trigger at a time.



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