Rayne has facilitated many of our meditation circles this season but rarely has she shown the level of insistence that she did today, that she be chosen again for today’s meditation.


Long before participants were due to arrive, she hung her head over her stall door and softly nickered to me.


Oh, is it you today?” I asked her “Are you wanting to lead the meditation today?” to which she replied with another soft nicker.


Ok then, we better get you brushed up.”


Not typically one to enjoy a good grooming, she stood quietly (untethered) while I brushed the dried mud from her hair that she had so joyfully ground in the day before.


And when the time came, she joined the circle and immediately took her place directly in front of one particular participant. Standing, holding a deep place of stillness, for almost the entire meditation.


She knew who needed her.


She knew before anyone had even arrived.


And without moving her position, she expanded her heart energy to simultaneously hold the entire circle in this place of deep stillness while still focusing on the one who seemed to need her close.


It’s always such a privilege to witness these girls in all their mastery.


Our In the Presence of Horses Meditation circle runs monthly and can be found on our Events page.
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