Simply put, we’re in the business of transformation and sustained transformation doesn’t happen in 90 minutes.


Often times transformation is an unlayering process; peeling away the layers of our conditioning.  And that which has been ingrained by years of conditioning can take time to excavate, explore and shift.


Additionally …


Have you ever experienced a deep insight; an ‘aha’ moment that seemed to shift your whole being in that precise moment, only to have it eroded away and find yourself back in the same place you started?


I think most, if not all, of us can say we have experienced this disappointment …probably more than once.


Over my ten years in practice I have witnessed this again and again and again with my clients.  Whether they come for a weekend retreat, a day-long workshop or a private equine session, insights abound and clients leave with a deeper sense of self-awareness, feeling more connected to their body’s innate wisdom and intuition.  Some feel invigorated and motivated to create the desired changes in their life.  Others leave with a deep sense of peaceful grounded wellbeing; like they’ve finally come home to themselves.  But then they return back to their daily lives with family and work demands, relationship challenges and financial concerns, and they find their new feeling state fades to black in short order.  And pretty soon they find themselves back in struggle.


Our brain will always take the path of least resistance and revert back to well-worn neuron pathways.


Transformation is a journey.


Insights and ‘aha’s’ are not enough to sustain change.  We must nurture and grow these new states of being the same way you would nurture and grow a bountiful garden from seed.  And just as encroaching weeds and pests will threaten the young and tender plants in your garden, so too will old limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviours threaten your tender new growth.


This is the primary reason why I no longer offer single equine sessions to new clients.  Because in my ten years of experience working with clients, it’s just not sustainable.  With our 3 or 6-session Soul Journey packages the herd and I can support you through the important integration period as you learn to nurture your new growth.  We are here to help you navigate the triggers, identify and resist the sabotaging behaviours that threaten to lure you back in to your comfort zone, and guide you in anchoring your desired changes into your life for a sustainable outcome.


As a facilitator, this, for me, is the difference between offering a feel-good-flash-in-the-pan experience versus supporting you in a truly transformative way.


There are other important benefits to our 3 and 6-session Soul Journey packages too:

  • with each visit you gain more comfort and confidence around our horses, and can feel safer deepening into your process.
  • with each visit you will likely find yourself working with a different horse guide and gaining access to a broader range of wisdom.
  • with each visit momentum is created allowing you to delve deeper into your own innate wisdom.
  • and each package includes unlimited email support throughout your journey so you never feel alone, and a final integration call to be scheduled within one month of your last session to wrap up and celebrate your growth!

*Each new Soul Journey begins with a complimentary discovery call to ensure we’re a good fit and to help you decide which package will best suit your needs.


Our Soul Journey packages have been carefully designed to offer a life-enriching and sustainable transformative experience to those who are ready to engage with the wisdom of their soul to create lasting change in their life.



Join us on a Soul Journey

Or if you would like to sample our work before investing in our Soul Journey package, you can check out our introductory workshop Connecting with Horses.


Krista is a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator and Coach. Connect with us at 604-807-2255 or