I’ve had many people over the last 10 months ask me if I have noticed a difference in my horses.  If I have noticed them reflecting back the energy of these uncertain, turbulent and changing times.


To be honest, at the time, I didn’t recognize anything profoundly different.  They were doing what horses do best, living in the moment; fully present to all that each moment offered.  Whether that moment was spent guiding a client, facilitating a group, or grazing together in the pasture.  And they served as a constant reminder for me to do the same.


Just. Be. Here. Now.


But as I sit here midway through January 2021 looking back on our past season, deeper insight has emerged.  And nowhere was it more obvious than during our monthly meditation circles.  Unlike previous years when our lead mare, Cricket, facilitated the majority of our circles and always made them a very …..well let’s say it was a very interactive and humorous experience for all!  This year, however, our elder mare Rayne, facilitated the majority of our circles offering a deeply grounding experience.  One that pulled you into the depths of your soul with incredible spontaneous releases happening for some participants.


Rayne would enter the circle and methodically make her way around, spending a few moments grounding each participant.  Understandably, we were all carrying a lot of big emotion throughout this last year, ranging from fear and anxiety to frustration and anger, as we learned to navigate our changing world.  And Rayne proved herself to be a master of grounding a lot of BIG energy.


That grounding energy amongst the herd has grown even more in recent weeks.  In fact, just the other day I recall thinking to myself “Are they happy? They seem quieter than usual”.  There has been a noticeable shift in their energy.  And then this morning while I was connecting with a fellow equine facilitator, something she said confirmed what I have been feeling.  That, yes! in fact the herd has gotten quieter.  She, too, has noticed a stillness within her herd.


A stillness that is holding a steady grounding presence for us all as our collective energy rises and intensifies during this global transformation.  Now, more so than at any other time, it feels as though we’re entering a portal; a gateway to a whole new world.  And it’s bound to be rocky for some time yet as the old continues to crumble and we learn to find our footing on this emerging new ground.  But remember the horses.  Feel in to their energy; their grounded presence.


And Just. Be. Here. Now.



Krista is a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator and Coach, working alongside her wise herd of horses transforming the lives of those who seek a deeper connection to the wisdom of their Soul.

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