As ever evolving souls having this human experience, I believe we are offered one of our greatest growth opportunities through our relationships.  Especially our closest intimate relationships where our connection to the other feels so deeply vulnerable.


At times, these relationships can feel the most challenging as we fumble our way through this life.  Our partner always seems to know just the right ‘buttons’ to push.  Their words can cut to the deepest part of us.  And there are times when their actions can literally bring us to our knees leaving us bewildered and in deep pain, wondering why they would do such a thing.


I believe in part, the answer lies, as mentioned above, in the understanding that all of us really are fumbling our way through life. Without a how-to-manual, we are all, in our own way, trying to get our needs met the best way we know how with what we have in the moment.


We are souls seeking our own evolution through this human experience; lived through the grace of fumbling….often.


Another piece to this is what I believe to be the higher spiritual nature of relationships.  I believe we are drawn to those whom, through their own life experiences, conditioning and beliefs will serve as catalysts for our own healing and growth.  This can happen in beautiful and inspiring ways and it can also happen through difficult and painful ways.  We might unconsciously be drawn to someone who exhibits similar traits to our emotionally absent father or our co-dependent mother.  And seemingly out of nowhere our partner begins triggering our deep childhood wounds.


Why would nature design our “happily-ever-after-union” with these built-in flaws?


In short, to further our evolution.  To offer us the opportunity to see those unhealed aspects of ourselves and to begin to heal them within the safety of an otherwise loving relationship.


So my invitation to you is, to notice how you are feeling when you become triggered within in your relationship (and you may need to dig beyond the surface level hurt or anger to reach the core feelings).  Do these feelings feel familiar?  Can you recall an earlier time in your life when you felt this way, even under different circumstances?  We can generally start to see a pattern.


And ask yourself, how is my soul looking to evolve through having this experience?



* Disclaimer:  I am in no way condoning abuse.  If you are in an abusive relationship please seek immediate professional support.


Krista is a certified Equine Assisted Learning facilitator and Coach, working alongside her wise herd of horses transforming the lives of those who seek a deeper connection to the wisdom of their Soul.

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