“Some Things Can’t Be Healed”

    "Some things can't be healed" was a message received in one of our recent client sessions guided by our beautiful Lady Mae, which I thought was very profound.   When we're in pain, physically or emotionally, and in search of relief we can often look upon ‘healing’ as the removal of all symptoms; a total absence of dis-ease and discomfort.  The slate wiped

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Rise Up!

  Rise Up! It’s time to unbridle your fierce feminine spirit. Call out your inner warrioress. Are you ready? When life calls upon you to step into something greater. To show up more powerfully. More embodied. Are you willing? To break down the barriers within and without. The barriers that serve to keep you small. And fool others into underestimating your worth. It’s time!

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Romeo’s Dream Community Outreach Program Welcomes Back the John Volken Academy

  Romeo loved people!  One of his greatest gifts was spreading joy and laughter to anyone who came his way. Keeping his memory alive through our Romeo's Dream Adult Community Outreach program has become one of my greatest blessings. Through which, I have come to know some remarkable women who continue to inspire me with their courage, dedication and optimism.   This August, as

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It Begins With Us

  I have long believed that we, as a global community, are being ushered in to a new level of consciousness; a higher consciousness. The next step in our evolution. One where we loosen the grip on our own egos and ascend to a more universal perspective. Beyond our own self-interests to consider that of the greater good. Where the appropriate response to all

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Our Soul Has Come Into This Life Seeking Its Own Evolution

  Over the years I have journeyed with many clients in transition. Feeling at a crossroads, they come seeking clarity, assurance, and the courage to follow their soul’s calling. But to spite feeling deeply unhappy and unfulfilled on their current life path; some even forced into medical leave as their physical body begins to protest.  They continue to struggle with making that leap. Held

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Our Life is a Living Legacy

Last month I had the honour and privilege of meeting a wonderful and courageous soul whose deepest desire is to make a difference in the world. A difference in the lives of people; young people in particular who are living with the painful consequences of trauma. A life she herself, lived and triumphed over. Her dream was to spend her retirement working on the

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