She Knew Who Needed Her


  Rayne has facilitated many of our meditation circles this season but rarely has she shown the level of insistence that she did today, that she be chosen again for today's meditation.   Long before

She Knew Who Needed Her2020-11-16T23:16:11+00:00

“Some Things Can’t Be Healed”


    "Some things can't be healed" was a message received in one of our recent client sessions guided by our beautiful Lady Mae, which I thought was very profound.   When we're in pain, physically

“Some Things Can’t Be Healed”2020-10-20T19:17:21+00:00

Rise Up!


  Rise Up! It’s time to unbridle your fierce feminine spirit. Call out your inner warrioress. Are you ready? When life calls upon you to step into something greater. To show up more powerfully. More

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It Begins With Us


  I have long believed that we, as a global community, are being ushered in to a new level of consciousness; a higher consciousness. The next step in our evolution. One where we loosen the

It Begins With Us2020-06-01T23:20:48+00:00

Our Life is a Living Legacy


Last month I had the honour and privilege of meeting a wonderful and courageous soul whose deepest desire is to make a difference in the world. A difference in the lives of people; young people

Our Life is a Living Legacy2019-09-25T18:03:57+00:00
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