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Have you lost a loved one?

We all long to know that our loved ones are happy and whole once again.  And to know that we are still connected.


Mediumship is the meeting of two worlds.

It re-connects our hearts through shared messages of love.

It provides healing and comfort during loss and heartbreak.

It offers hope amidst uncertainty.

It offers us a glimpse of a world beyond the veil.


JOIN US for this special evening with Psychic Medium, Melissa White as she connects with our loved ones in spirit to bring forth messages of love, hope and healing.  Melissa will also share what she has learned from Spirit about the spirit world.  And will answer any questions you may have about life beyond the veil.


As a child, Melissa always felt deeply connected to the angelic and spirit realms but often was confused as to how to express what she saw, felt and knew. It wasn’t until a near death experience one week after giving birth to her son, that she began to truly embrace and start to understand her psychic power.

This event was a turning point that would change and shape Melissa’s world. She knew from that moment forward she was going to make the absolute most of her life and that she would not question her connection to Spirit, God or her own soul ever again.

To develop and hone her skills, Melissa has taken several courses. She has completed extensive mentorship with British psychic medium and teacher, Tony Stockwell. Throughout this training, Melissa has worked tirelessly to enhance and strengthen all of her psychic faculties while increasing her connection and bond with the world of spirit.  Melissa is also part of “Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics” which is a select group of double-tested and validated psychics proven to be valid and ethical in their work. Melissa is also certified as an angel card reader by Doreen Virtue and by Linda Howe as a reader of the Akashic Records.


“What a magical evening with Spirit!  Melissa skillfully created a group environment where everyone felt included and relaxed.  Just hearing all the messages from loved ones was comforting and inspiring enough, but she was able to deliver a message from my Dad!  She picked up on his personality to a tee.  She told me many wonderful things and one of them was that he knocks a hat that belonged to him, off of my vanity mirror.  I was thrilled to have that confirmed.  Melissa is kind and gentle.  She is authentic and an excellent communicator for Spirit.  I would definitely seek her out again for a message from my loved ones.  Thank you Melissa.”   ~ Dr. Jayne Gibson


“I lost my father last year, only one month after walking me down the aisle at my wedding.  [An] Evening with Spirit brought so much healing to my broken heart. I was especially surprised that my father was the first one to come through. Thank you, Melissa, for giving me a chance to mend my heart and hear from my father.

Her communication with Spirit and with the living is so kind, compassionate, and very gentle.”~ Rosa MacLean


You are not alone on this journey.

Your loved ones in the spirit world are with you always. They are walking beside you as you learn to let go of their physical presence. They want to prove to you that they haven’t really left, they’ve simply changed forms.

Love never dies.

Love is what enables mediumship to unfold and love is what keeps our souls forever bonded.


What to Expect:

This will be a love-infused, uplifting and educational evening.  Melissa has a beautiful way of bringing through messages from your loved ones that always seem to generate more laughter than tears.  And while we cannot guarantee a personal message for everyone, all will find healing and inspiration through the loving presence of Spirit.

Channeling takes a tremendous amount of energy on the part of the medium, and as such there will be a short break midway through the evening and a Q&A period at the end of the evening where Melissa will take your questions about Spirit, mediumship, etc.  So bring your questions!



DATE:  Friday, July 7th

TIME:  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

FEE:     $42 + gst


This event is sold out!

CANCELLATION POLICY:  This event typically sells out early.  If you are registered, please know that we are saving a space just for you and likely having to turn others away.  For this reason we are unable to offer refunds or carry-overs.

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