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We have drawn strength and inspiration from the horse kingdom for millennia.


They have carried us to battle, lending us their stealth and speed to advance our nation.  They have plowed our fields, lending us their strength to nourish our bodies.  They have provided transport, lending us their endurance to expand our horizons.


And they have graced our dreamworld with their otherworldly presence and inspired sacred tales of the mythical realm.


Today these wise teachers and guides are leading us back to a long-forgotten aspect of ourselves.

Call it Soul or our Higher Self: the part of us that holds a greater perspective untethered by our perceived limitations.

The part of us that sees clearly our unique purpose and the way ahead.

The part of us that moves freely with the winds of change knowing we have the resources to weather any storm.


JOIN US as we weave together the otherworldly presence of the Equine Archetypes, our own wise and intuitive Soul self, and the gentle guidance of the Wisteria herd to unearth inspiration and insight that will support your vision, deepen your spiritual journey or lead you through a current life challenge.


Our day together will begin with a grounding exercise and meditation to invite you fully into your body and awaken all of your senses.

Joining together in small intimate groups, we will spend time exploring the wisdom and inspiration of the equine archetypes, as represented in your life, through Linda Kohanov’s Way of the Horse.  Here you are invited into a space of expanded awareness, insight and innovation.   Each archetype reveals supportive lessons and guidance to assist you in gaining greater spiritual, mental and emotional clarity.


With this greater sense of clarity comes the confidence and action steps to move forward on your path. 


Following a deliciously catered lunch we will join the Wisteria herd to anchor in your new found clarity.  Each participant will have an opportunity to partner with his or her horse guide in a sacred declaration process.

As prey animals, horses are fine tuned to notice and respond to subtle changes or incongruencies in our being; thereby gently guiding us into greater alignment with our new found clarity and affirming our personal truth.



Joining Krista and the Wisteria herd is Dave Lundberg from Small Pause Coaching.  An accredited Personal & Leadership Coach, and an Equine Facilitated Professional Coach, Dave’s personal journey started back in the 90’s when he was faced with a critical life choice.  Change or die!

From that point on he has been on a quest to find deeper meaning, which ultimately led him to his connection with horses.  Working with a herd provides the opening and context needed to connect deeply back with self, the place under all the concrete where the truth lies.

Working on the belief that he can only take clients as far as he himself is willing to go Dave remains on a quest of experiences including various types of breathwork and meditation practices.

In a professional capacity Dave was the recipient of the 2016 Leader of the Year award which recognizes individuals who break down silos, value people and collaborate to foster highly functional work environments.  In 2018, Dave became an accredited member of the International Coaches Federation at the ACC level after completing Personal & Leadership Coach training from the Newfield Network in Boulder, Colorado in 2017.

Dave has also completed a Certificate Program is an apprentice for Equine Facilitated Professional Coach, which he also uses in his coaching practice to support individuals, teams and leaders in cultivating a deeper understanding of self and the importance of leadership presence, emotional regulation and the power in creating clear vision.


DATE:   Saturday, May 23rd   This event has been canceled due to Covid-19 but consider joining us for our online version.

TIME:    10 am – 5 pm

FEE:       $189 + gst   (catered lunch included)

Limited spaces available


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