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The heart plays a key role in our emotional and mental health.

It affects how we think and feel.  It determines how well we handle stressful events and make decisions.  And it influences how we show up in our relationships.

Life can be stressful.  How can we cultivate inner balance when life’s challenges threaten our peace of mind?

Join us for this 1-day workshop and learn how to tap into the wisdom of the heart.


Peace is not merely the absence of turmoil but the presence of harmony within, that transcends external circumstances and buoys us through life’s storms.


Dave Lundberg of Small Pause Coaching will be sharing how the heart influences our perceptions, emotions, intuition and health.  He will be sharing quick and simple techniques to help you tap into the power and intelligence of your heart to create more peace, balance and harmony in your life.



“I came to the workshop very stressed out and depleted from an ongoing situation at work with a difficult employee.  This does not happen to me usually and I found the whole experience was draining my energy.  By the end of the day, I felt renewed and re-energized.    This calm feeling carried over and has stayed with me.  I attribute this to the excellent structure of the workshop, the calm and caring attitude of Dave and Krista and the volunteers,  the Heart Math exercises and working with the horses.”


“Enlightening!  Tools to help with anxiety and daily interactions in life.  It has empowered me; opened my eyes to where I’m stuck and lit a path I need to walk.”


“Wonderful! I will use the HeartMath process and apply it into my daily life.  I felt so much peace there.”


“I feel reconnected to my authentic self with a true sense of peace.”



Why Horses?


Horses are peace-loving animals with a heart five times larger than our human heart, and have the ability to draw us into their naturally peaceful and balanced state known as coherence – when the heart, brain, and nervous system work together in harmony.  Resulting in a more calm, focused and balanced state.

In partnership with the wisteria herd we will explore, embody and integrate the wisdom of the heart through one-on-one time with your horse guide.


“The horses provided a conduit to many messages; mainly to trust my intuition.”


“Feeling the power and gentleness of the horses, and the gift of grounding.”


“I am in a place of awe at the strength, beauty and Grace I experienced.”



Joining Krista and the herd is Dave Lundberg from Small Pause Coaching.  A HeartMath Certified Practitioner, accredited Personal & Leadership Coach, and an Equine Facilitated Professional Coach, Dave’s personal journey started back in the 90’s when he was faced with a critical life choice.  Change or die!  From that point on he has been on a quest to find deeper meaning, which ultimately led him to his connection with horses.

Working on the belief that he can only take clients as far as he himself is willing to go Dave remains on a quest of experiences including various types of breathwork, meditation, and HeartMath practices.


Together, Krista and Dave hold a safe and grounded space that invites reflection, insight and inspiration through powerful questioning, deep listening, and coming together in our shared experience.


Limited to just 8 participants


DATE:  Saturday, July 6th      4 spaces left!

TIME:  9:30 am – 5:00 pm    (please bring a bag lunch)

FEE:    $225 + gst


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CANCELLATION POLICY:  This event typically sells out early.  If you are registered, please know that we are saving a space just for you and likely having to turn others away.  For this reason we are unable to offer refunds or carry-overs.


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