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By special request we are offering our first HeartMath & the Herd specifically tailored to youth!


Anxiety and depression amongst young people are on the rise.


The impacts of the ongoing global pandemic, environmental concerns, social media, and constant social pressures have made life immensely more complex.  Creating a cycle of fear, anxiety and overwhelm.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.


There is a way forward through the overwhelm.


We recognize that all children have innate wisdom, well-being and resilience available to them on the inside regardless of what is happening in the outside world.


In this workshop we will practice quick and simple (scientifically proven) heart-based techniques designed to shift from a place of fear, anxiety and overwhelm to a more resilient, calm and peaceful presence.  Empowering your child with the skills to emotionally self-regulate.


The HeartMath® Institute has been dedicated to scientifically researching the heart’s intuitive intelligence and its role in our life beyond just its physical life-generating properties.


Their research shows that the heart is responsible for sending more information to the brain, than the brain sends to the heart.  The heart influences our perceptions and emotions, thereby affecting our mind and our ability to feel calm and centered, think clearly and make effective decisions.


So what can we learn from horses?



Horses are masters at recognizing a potential threat in their environment, investigating it, taking the appropriate action and then going back to grazing.  This heightened level of awareness and discernment has a lot to offer us with respect to learning how to emotionally regulate ourselves.


By partnering with horses, we can learn the value of understanding what our emotions are and learning to work more productively with them.


Using practical techniques accompanied by hands-on horse activities participants will be invited to explore their emotions in service of building a trusted connection with the horse, thereby deepening resilience and wellbeing.




Joining Krista & the Wisteria herd is Dave Lundberg of Small Pause Coaching.  Dave is an accredited Coach with the International Coaches Federation, an Equine Guided Coach and Facilitator, and a Certified HeartMath® Practitioner who is highly skilled in teaching the tools of emotional regulation and resilience.

Since 2017, Dave has worked youth in a professional and volunteer capacity. A father of two teens himself he knows and sees the importance of teaching our next generations the importance of the emotional landscape.


Together, Krista and Dave hold a safe and grounded space that invites reflection, insight and inspiration through powerful questioning, deep listening, and coming together in our shared experience.


What Our Time Together Will Look Like:

9:30 a.m:  Arrival

Opening/Sharing Circle in the Loft

Meet & Greet with the Herd

Emotion & Coherence Learning with the Herd

Mindful Grooming with the Herd

Closing Circle


Limited to just 8 participants.  No horse experience required.  No riding.


DATE:  Thursday, August 12th    3 spaces left!

TIME:  9:30 am – 1:00 pm

FEE:    $119 + gst

Registration Options



::   this event takes place outdoors and physical distancing measures will be in place 

::   soap and water, and hand sanitizer will be available

::   cloth hand-towels are now replaced with paper towels

::   high-touch surfaces are routinely disinfected 

::   if you are feeling unwell/been exposed to anyone exhibiting Covid symptoms please stay home and request a refund 


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