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Our popular HeartMath® & the Herd series plays a pivotal role in supporting us all through these challenging times.


Will you join us?


At this time in history, there is so much focus on our fears and anxieties. Yet, gratitude is the ever-present calm port in the storm.


When we feel overwhelmed by uncertainty and loss, gratitude builds a foundation of hope and renewal.


When our differences seek to divide us, gratitude strengthens our connection and lights the way to create community.


Research shows that gratitude triggers a release of the feel-good chemicals dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, improving general well-being, strengthening the immune system, lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, increasing resilience, and strengthening relationships.


So, where can we source gratitude from in a world drowning in fear and chaos? The answer is from within.


Regardless of what is happening in our external life, gratitude is an inner state that we can connect with at any time. And is accessed through the heart.


Gratitude is regenerative and expands our sense of appreciation, happiness, joy and connection.


Gratitude builds on itself. The more it grows, the less room fear and anxiety have to grow.


JOIN US for this full-day workshop, where you will learn scientifically proven heart-based techniques designed to shift you from a place of fear, anxiety and overwhelm to a more resilient and expansive state of gratitude.


The HeartMath® Institute is dedicated to scientifically researching the heart’s intuitive intelligence and its role in our life beyond its physical life-generating properties.


Their research shows that the heart influences our perceptions and emotions, showing that those who practice gratitude have a greater capacity for compassion, happiness and joy.


Why Horses?


Did you know horses have hearts five times larger than our human hearts?


Making the horse’s heart energy field larger and more resonant than ours, with the ability to draw us into their peaceful and balanced state.


Experience connecting heart-to-heart with members of the Wisteria herd as you deepen into new insights and anchor into your next steps to create a life you feel ready to thrive in!


“The horses provided a conduit to many messages; mainly to trust my intuition.”


“Since our session, I have been on this emotional high, one that has felt empowering, and has even made me more confident in a way.  Situations that I have felt over-anxious and or stressed about in the past have not had the same affect on me.  I have been able to handle some challenging situations a bit more effectively than before.”


“Regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, this event will guide you to going deeper into your ‘self’. I’ve attended this event twice now and will again, setting my intention to go deeper and learn something more about my blocks that I want to release to be more mindful, balanced and heart focused in my life.”


“I am in a place of awe at the strength, beauty and Grace I experienced.”



Joining Krista and the herd is Dave Lundberg from Small Pause Coaching.  A HeartMath Certified Practitioner, accredited Personal & Leadership Coach, and an Equine Facilitated Professional Coach, Dave’s personal journey started back in the 90’s when he was faced with a critical life choice.  Change or die!  From that point on he has been on a quest to find deeper meaning, which ultimately led him to his connection with horses.

Working on the belief that he can only take clients as far as he himself is willing to go Dave remains on a quest of experiences including various types of breathwork, meditation, and HeartMath practices.


Together, Krista and Dave hold a safe and grounded space that invites reflection, insight and inspiration through powerful questioning, deep listening, and coming together in our shared experience.


What Our Day Will Look Like:

9:30 a.m:  Arrival, Settle-in, Waivers

9:45 a.m:  Meet & Greet with the Herd

10:00 a.m:  Opening/Sharing Circle

10:30 a.m:  HeartMath techniques designed to deepen your connection with your heart intelligence and cut through complex, long-standing emotions to gain insight and clarity for the path ahead.

12:30 p.m. – Break for Lunch  (please bring a bagged lunch)

1:00 p.m. – Individual Reflective Roundpen sessions with the horses to gain greater clarity and anchor in insights for inspired action.

4:30 p.m. – Closing Circle


Limited to just 8 participants


DATE:  Saturday, October 7th      

TIME:  9:30 am – 5:00 pm    (please bring a bag lunch)

FEE:    $225 + gst


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CANCELLATION POLICY:  This event typically sells out early.  If you are registered, please know that we are saving a space just for you and likely having to turn others away.  For this reason we are unable to offer refunds or carry-overs.

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