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Come and sit awhile.

Join us on a spiritual journey.

Breathe deeply.

Listen to the wisdom of your heart.

What insights await you?

Tap into the rhythm of the horses’ presence and gentle hearts to deeply connect with your inner wisdom and intuition during our meditation circles. Horses possess the ability to act as conduits of connection to Self, to others and to our spiritual oneness, and can therefore deepen our meditation experience.

We will be seated outside on chairs in a circle with one or two supervised horses. The meditation will be self-guided and the horse(s) will be free to move around us. They may elect to hold space for us from a distance or they may feel inclined to offer specific individuals energetic support. As co-facilitators in this process we will leave it up to them. (This is not a facilitated learning or healing session).


Joining Krista and the Wisteria herd is Linda Chamut.

Linda has studied the Inca Shamanic tradition over many years, in Canada, the USA, and Peru. Some of the teachings that Linda practices are: the importance of smudging to remove stuck energy and to promote clarity, creating sacred space for gatherings to support higher purpose focus, and teaching the importance of centering and grounding.



DATE: Our 2020 season begins on April 5th

TIME: 10:00 – 12 noon (please arrive 10 minutes early. We start promptly at 10)

FEE: $31 + gst or pre-purchase a package of 3 for $26 + gst each


This event has been cancelled due to Covid-19

WHAT TO EXPECT: 10 am start (please arrive 10 minutes early) We will begin with a smudging ceremony as participants arrive.  Introductions will open our circle, followed by a brief explanation of how horses deepen our meditation experience.  The group will then be lead through a grounding exercise as we begin the 30 minute self-guided meditation to the gentle beat of a shaman’s drum.  Following the meditation, there will be time to journal and share your experience.

WHAT TO BRING: • Dress for the weather as we will be outside (except during inclement weather when we will move into the barn) • Journal and pen if you wish to journal about your experience • Water bottle • Closed toed shoes


“Breathing in the loving horse energy brought so much clarity and heartwarming rest during our meditation on Wisteria Acres’ magical land. Thank you, Cassi, Krista and Linda” ~ Reana, Surrey, BC


“What a unique, gentle and powerful meditation experience co-facilitated by Krista, Linda and the horse Cassi! Received with a shamanic welcome into a shady grove overlooking the sunlit horse pasture, the atmosphere was magical and the space was sacred, most honouring and beautiful” ~ Nelie, Maple Ridge, BC


“I have always had a love of horses but many years ago lost touch with that part of me. As a city dweller my life is very busy and noisy. When I heard about meditation with horses, I said ‘YES’ before they had even decided on the date! My experience with the group and Cassi who joined us was beautiful. The retreat centre itself is breathtakingly beautiful as is the energy that Krista and Linda have brought to this event. I found myself in a very peaceful, quiet place that only this space offers. I look forward to attending more meditations with horses and await to see which horse joins us to offer their wisdom.” ~ Dana, North Vancouver, BC


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