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During these uncertain and stressful times prioritizing self-care is an important part of maintaining mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Stress initiates our sympathetic nervous system; our fright, flight or fight response.  And over prolonged periods of time can overwhelm our system and deplete our energy.  Activating our parasympathetic nervous system through the healing benefits of sound and vibration, helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation as it slows the heart and respiratory rates, while shifting brainwaves from a our conscious (beta) state to a meditative (theta) state.


The entire Universe is in a state of vibration, including us.   Sound healing uses healing vibrational frequencies to restore balance to the the body’s energy fields.


Weaving together Crystal Singing Bowls and Theda’s angelic vocals, as well as other sound healing instruments; drum, harp and guitar to powerfully clear and transform energy.


Theda Phoenix is a singer, songwriter and intuitive song and sound channel drawing on her empathic abilities to reflect back the intention and energy of the group through song. She creates music for healing and transformation, touching people deeply with her angelic, transporting voice and shamanic vocal sounds.



Her music inspires a deep connection to the heart and the spirituality of the human experience, celebrating the miracle of existence and the intrinsic loving essence within all, reminding listeners of their own inner guidance and connection to source energy.


“You have the voice and the soul of an angel. When you sing, shivers go through my entire being. Keep lifting us higher, Theda. You are pure Light in form.”

“You are like the Divine Mother herself when you sing, holding all who is present with such tenderness, sweetness, and absolute pure LOVE!”


Due to physical distancing requirements we are limited to just 12 – 14 people per sound journey



DATE:  Sunday, October 4th

MORNING SESSION:    11 am – 12:30 pm   *new morning session for Fall/Winter   8 spaces left

AFTERNOON SESSION:   2:30 – 4 pm   1 space left!


FEE:    $35 + gst pre-paid  online


Registration Options
When registering for 2 or more people, please indicate whether:


::   in order to ensure proper physical distancing, this event is limited to just 12 – 14 people per time

::   marked spaces will ensure 6′ between mats

::   soap and water, and hand sanitizer will be available

::   cloth hand-towels are now replaced with disposable paper towels

::   high-touch surfaces are routinely disinfected 

::   if you are feeling unwell/been exposed to anyone exhibiting symptoms please stay home and request a refund 


WHAT TO BRING:  we will no longer have extra cushions available so please be sure to bring everything you need to be comfortable.

:: yoga mat or something comfortable to lay on

:: pillow/cushions

::  something to cover your eyes

:: blanket

:: water bottle


CANCELLATION POLICY:  This event typically sells out early.  If you are registered, please know that we are saving a space just for you and likely having to turn others away.  For this reason we are unable to offer refunds or carry-overs, with the exception of suspected Covid cases.
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