for Equine Facilitators

You, like me…

Were drawn to this work with horses because you have experienced the transformative power of this sacred relationship.

You see the wisdom these sentient beings possess and their desire to share that with humanity.  You recognize the masterful way in which they guide us back to the truth of who we are.

So you took the first step to complete your certification training (EAL, EFL, EFW, FEEL, EGC) and with big dreams and a tool kit full of techniques and exercises you have stepped into building your equine practice.

But you’re struggling.

You’re struggling with doubt and a lack of confidence.

You’re struggling to get clients.

You’re feeling inexperienced and not attaining the results you had hoped for with your clients.

And your equine practice isn’t growing at the rate you expected it would.

I was there. We have all been there.

Building a successful equine practice takes time, dedication and commitment.  But one of the biggest challenges that, I believe, we encounter in this fledgling profession is the very insular nature of our work.  We are tasked with creating and building our own business, often times alone and separate from our peers, and through a process of trial and error we attempt to carve out a space for ourselves.

What if you could work alongside of an experienced facilitator?

What if you could gain hands-on experience in the field working with individual clients as well as groups?
What if you had a mentor to guide and support you in building your confidence, answer your questions and guide you in building your equine practice?


As a certified EAL facilitator since 2009 and running my own equine practice and retreat center for the past 12 years I have gained a depth of experience as both a facilitator and business owner.
I have continued to expand my EAL learning through intensives and workshops with experts in our field, Barbara Rector of Adventures in Awareness (AZ, USA), and Linda Kohanov of Eponquest Worldwide (AZ, USA).
I am also a certified Life & Leadership Coach through Erickson Coaching International, which has given me a solid foundation in the fine art of facilitation.


This 8-month long program is for those already certified and who are looking for additional support in building self-confidence, gaining hands-on experience in the field, deepening facilitation skills and business acumen.

Included in the program:

  • Our 6-session Soul Journey package to gain clarity and insight into your own personal process. (9 hours)
  • Job shadowing at Wisteria’s regularly scheduled equine group events as well as individual client sessions. (up to 30 hours)
  • Private 1-on-1 Coaching/Mentoring (20 hours)
  • Supervised group and individual facilitation (16 hours)


Self Exploration

(covered in 6 session Soul Journey package)
Know thyself first.  You can only take your clients as far as you, yourself, are willing to go.  You cannot guide your clients on their inward journey without understanding your own internal landscape.  Your journey will lay the foundation for the journey you will lead your clients on.

Deepening Your Partnership with Your Horse(s)

Like any partnership, we must learn our horses’ individual strengths and gifts, their preferences and their unique teaching style.  We must honour them as teacher and guide through building a trusting relationship.

  • Being a student of the horse
  • Building a trusting partnership with your equine partners
  • Knowing when to step in and when to step aside
  • Honouring their “voice”
  • Prioritizing their wellbeing
  • Horse behaviour and herd dynamics

The Art of Facilitation

Facilitation is key to creating a transformative experience for your client.  You can have a tool kit full of colourful props and fun and engaging exercises but if you struggle to facilitate the client through deep inquiry focused on cultivating self-awareness, insight and personal growth, and supporting them in the integration of these into their daily life, then all you have given them is temporary experience with a horse.

  • Developing Presence
  • Building Emotional Agility
  • Managing different energies in a group setting
  • Recognizing each individual as innately resourceful & whole
  • Deepening a client’s experience through deep listening, powerful questioning and reflection
  • Empowering the client through body wisdom
  • Fostering a neutral and curious mindset
  • Finding freedom in the unknown; following the energy and trusting the unfolding process

Building Your Equine Business

Our passion for sharing this incredibly transformative work isn’t enough to build a successful business.  As a solo-preneur just starting out we are required to wear many hats, the majority of which we don’t have any prior training in.  I will share with you my 12-year journey made up of a lot of trial and error, of working with business coaches and marketing experts – what worked and what didn’t, in the hopes of saving you a lot of time and common pitfalls.

  • Developing your brand/niche
  • Building your community
  • Creating your program ladder
  • Setting your Fees
  • Marketing your business

START DATE: Start anytime! This program is designed to support you with individual one-on-one support.

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