Horses are highly social and empathic animals who have served alongside humankind for centuries.

In today’s world of expanding consciousness horses are being recognized, in the field of Equine Assisted Learning, as valued teachers, guides and healers for their role in facilitating deep inward journeys for those seeking personal discovery and development.

Horses are often referred to as a mirror – mirroring back to us those subtler, perhaps unconscious parts of our self that keep us stuck, and inviting us to connect more deeply with our body and intuition.

As an animal who is naturally preyed upon in the wild, horses have developed a highly sophisticated ability to sense emotional energy as a means of survival. Picking up on subtle body language and incongruency, they provide immediate and authentic feedback in response to our emotions and intentions.

Krista is amazing. She is a wonderful listener and appears to be focussed on whatever you
are talking about, all the while absorbing the key phrases, the trigger points, and making
the connections you haven’t made yourself. She has a very kind and gentle way of guiding
you to your own Ah ha! moments.


I was feeling totally “joy-less”. My life was in transition while being hemmed by responsibility. I am still amazed at the ability to work with Krista and the herd; to overcome a fear of horses; to connect with the horses; to be congruent. Gaining an understanding of their reaction to me and mine to them unleashed blocked layers of energy and emotion. Talking with Krista, rapid fire understandings would emerge. All in all, when I think about this experience, a huge smile starts at my toes and envelops my whole body. Thank you


THANK YOU!!! I am remembering every moment, and today I am aglow with the beautiful feelings of all that I experienced yesterday. I am in awe as to what an empowering and enlightening experience it was. As I reflect back on what I received from Romeo, the message was simple, so loud and clear…I must remember to put the joy back into my heart and life. And Cassi, I am so humbled and filled with such overwhelming love and gratitude for how she guided me to that life-changing experience. It was indeed the start of a new beginning!


It was life changing to experience the telepathic messages that were so specific for each person involved in a healing session. I was very moved at how effortlessly the horses communicated their insights and how gently and respectfully they offered their wisdom. Having a human facilitator as translator was priceless; Krista is a gift.


Thank you Krista for providing such a wonderful place for growth and exploration! My experience with Cricket was magical and heart opening. Krista was an expert, in decoding gestures given by the horse. The compassion that Krista demonstrates is heartfelt and genuine. I highly recommend a one-on-one session. It will change your life! I am, forever changed.


I was feeling very stuck, uninspired, needing a change in occupation and found the idea of horse therapy intriguing. I was also drawn to how natural the entire process is: horses, nature and the outdoors. I had some anxiety the first day, which lasted about half the session and it never returned. I contribute this to both Krista and Cricket. Both are strong, beautiful beings who hold an incredibly stable space. Undoubtedly, this experience exceeded all my expectations!”


I appreciated how relaxed the sessions felt in terms of time, and how you took the time to stay with me and what I was experiencing. I never felt rushed or pressured to finish up. I liked how the activity for the session was determined by where I was at and what I was needing. I appreciated the insight you had during the pre-horse part of the session. The questions you asked were effective in getting me to dig deeper into healthy discomfort. You have a very strong intuitive sense of the messages the horses were giving me. After returning home, I would reflect on the messages and I would see how they made sense for what I was going through in my life.


On my way home to Gabriola and wanted to thank you from all of my heart for what you gave to me. It was the comfort of a safe place, the love received from your horses, all the while being embraced with your guidance. You are extremely gifted, much appreciated and very much loved.


Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot believe how zen-like I feel. My break- through came because of the superb guidance and patience that you had given me. This has been the hardest work I have ever done with the biggest reward. Your sacred place provided the peace and calm that led to discovery of self for me. I appreciate the gifts that you have been given and am blessed to have received what you lovingly share. And the herd of beauties in the barn offer such amazing intuitive messages to anyone who asks


To say the least the two and a half days that I spent at Wisteria were amazing. The group dynamics were profound and I found them so enlightening/rewarding/supportive. My work with Cricket was truly surreal. I still have to shake my head to believe that she showed me how to truly feel what I honestly needed to feel. That time with her in the corral will stay in my heart forever.


The retreat was amazing! I can’t explain it any other way! I feel that a part of me has been transformed. I am feeling empowered, enlightened and grounded. Wisteria Acres is tranquil, beauty at it finest, an absolute piece of heaven on earth.

I can not say enough about our moments spent with the horses. I never knew how intuitive horses can be. Looking into the eyes of the horses, it was like looking into their soul, and like they were looking into my soul. They understand me probably more than I understand me. I came away with so much more than I had expected or had even hoped. It was truly AMAZING! It changed my life!


Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, safe sacred healing space. The whole weekend felt so good and transformational, it felt so easy to open up and to go deep and feel & heal. Krista has such a warm and beautiful Spirit able to hold such a safe space for transformation and healing where it’s just easy to be open and courageous. I truly feel like I know my gifts now, more than I did before and I am inspired to step into my Souls purpose.


Thank you so much for yesterday!   You are a brilliant Guide, in every situation, with every person. With your guidance and direction, leading Cricket in the arena was the first time I understood – really understood! – how powerful thoughts are. How quickly I can align with my own power and how quickly I can fall out of it. It was the first time I actually experienced my own power. I will never forget it. I am in awe, absolute awe! Such deep gratitude to you and all of your herd.


Krista has a depth of soul, connection of passion and the will to manifest her destiny. She’s a rare combination of spirituality and groundedness.


One of the many things I enjoy about you, Krista, is your unique combination of wisdom and humility.


I love the way that you hold space for me wherever I’m at, and help me to reframe things when I start to get off track. You bring such heart to all that you do, that I feel you provide a safe container for me to go deep into emotional blocks and explore new territory. I have deep gratitude for all that you have done to facilitate me fully exploring my vision. You are gifted at what you do, and anyone who works with you will be very blessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Partnering with horses invites us into the present moment in full awareness of all that we are and all that we aspire to be.

Furthermore, studies conducted by the HeartMath Institute in California, USA highlight the physiological benefits of being with horses, namely reduced stress levels, lowered blood pressure and an optimal state known as ‘heart coherence’ where the heart, mind and emotions are aligned in a perfect state of harmony.

*All processes are conducted from the ground. No riding. No prior horse experience necessary.

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